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“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place”

― Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You

The Truth Hurts but It’ll Set You Free

Truth hurts. The truth is the acid that slowly disintegrates the fantasy that you’ve so long hid yourself within. The truth is not pretty. Once that fantasy is completely dissolved, reality will be revealed and it will burn. It will sting. It will cause an excruciating pain that you could have easily avoided by continuing […]

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Poetry For those Who Need Hope

I had to leave.  Because holding you knowing that you allowed someone else to explore you the way I did.  The way that I was so certain only I was going to know for the rest of our existence. I thought I was going to be the last soul you let feel yours like that.  […]

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Feeling lonely from isolation?

Here’s a new perspective on the state of the world during the Corona Virus: The Universe decided to give us all time to take a break, self-reflect, heal, and grow. The Universe knew that we were just going through the motions of life unable to stop and take the time truly needed to prosper. To […]

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Each Relationship is Unique

A relationship is created by the two people that enter it together. They are the two to handcraft and tweak the specifics and the frame of the relationship. Each relationship is unique and no two are exactly alike. You build a relationship with someone through the course of the relationship. It is fine tuned by […]

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maybe ex’s aren’t crazy

The ex is not really crazy. They are honestly the ones to feel bad for. In a relationship when one of the partners cheats and then either ends the relationship or the other party ends it due to the lack of trust remaining. The ex is the one that did not betray the simpliest principle […]

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We are not born racist. Racism is something that has to be learned. As a child in the sandbox, you are not going to choose who you allow to help you build your sand kingdom by evaluating their physical attributes. You are going to play with the other kids because you want to play with […]

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Forgive to heal yourself. To heal your heart that has so long yearned for the peace and tranquility that resides within you but has been hiding from the storm clouds you let take reign over your own happiness for so long. You’re forgiving because you are a wonderful spirit who deserves to finally have the […]

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you are the magic

You are the magic. You are that little sunlight peaking into the crack in your broken pieces. You can heal your tired and sore bones. You can be your own saving grace. Your own beautiful soul. You have the power and the ability, even if it is buried deep inside and you can’t readily see […]

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Denial is healings worst enemy. You need to accept a situation, accept your wounds, accept that you have been hurt, and accept how that hurt made you feel. You cannot begin your journey of healing without accepting the fact that you have been hurt and that the damaging situation happened. You need to accept life […]

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Thoughts on: “the man of the house”

“The man is the head of the household.” I am here writing about my opinion on this topic. I am not here to belittle someone else’s view or to discredit this dynamic in any way. This article is about how I feel towards this family structure and how it has impacted me.  I do not […]

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