It shouldn’t Hurt

“If you can’t be honest to your best friends and family about how he’s actually treating you, he’s not treating you right.”


I felt like I would look like a failure and be a laughing stock if the relationship failed. I put the best possible image on all forms of social media. After constantly being told of how it was us against the world and all of the terrible things that everyone around us thought of me, I thought the only retribution would be the relationship remaining. I was wrong. I was unhappy. I was honestly miserable, so miserable it was affecting my mental and even physical health. It came to the point where I did not even want to go home and that was when I realized it doesn’t actually matter what the image of the relationship is or what other people thought or what it confirmed or denied in their minds. I needed to end it and I needed to be honest. I remember being asked by my classmates I thought you guys were so happy and it was so perfect. I felt so free when I responded honestly that I felt that having a strong relationship would signify that I was professional and mature but being in a relationship or not doesn’t make or break you. BUT the wrong relationship will break you. Please take the rose-colored glasses off, a relationship shouldn’t hurt. Mine did and being free of it is beautiful.

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