Be Beautiful, Be You

In life a hard pill everyone needs to learn how to swallow is there is always going to be someone better than you or smarter than you or prettier than you or more fit than you. I was given this truth by my roommate who learned it from her father.

There’s this beautiful realization that comes with this though which is that this hard truth may be true but no one can be you. You are unique, talented, and wonderful in your own way. So why stress yourself out in by dwelling on why you didn’t get that A on that test like your friend or why does her hair shine and stay straight naturally when you have to fight with your comb every morning. You need to stop comparing yourself to others and start to realize the beautiful creature that you are. You are worthy. You are enough. You are special. That is just on your own and without the extra stress and agony of spending your time worrying about what someone else is doing. They are not you, they have not experienced or lived through what you have. They have been through their own traumas and life experiences that have sculpted them into who they are. They are made differently than you have different strengths and weaknesses. Start reflecting within before you just start comparing and trying to be what you will never be…. Anyone else.

Be fabulous, be you.

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2 thoughts on “Be Beautiful, Be You

  1. The world needs you, because you are adding to the book of life.. and from here, we can enjoy true good feelings, yes? It is up to you.. never think your light isn’t shining.. it is

    You have the gift of INSPIRATION , dear


    God bless

  2. We all unique in our own ways, we all have gifts and talents and looks others don’t have. And that is the most beautiful thing besides our smiles. I love this one

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