Keep Your Head Up

It’s okay to have off days. It’s okay to allow yourself to be sad sometimes and feel your emotions as they come. You can’t force happiness all the time.  Somedays it’s going to rain and it’s better to just let it. Rain is what comes before the rainbow. With that being said you can’t wallow in the rain forever, you have to as Andy Grammer puts it keep your head up. You can’t lay down in the rain and drown in it.

Rain makes you appreciate the rainbow even more. It’s the sign of the beauty to come. The bad makes you stronger, wiser, able to get back up again and appreciate the come-back so much more.

Today I am going to let myself dance around in the rain but tomorrow I need to wake up to the rainbow and if it doesn’t just magically appear I need to create my own rainbow.

It gets better, I promise friends.

With Love, BB

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