My Final Letter To You

It’s already After Dark, and you’re most likely Dreamin

Now that we are once again World’s Apart, I finally have to Break the Silence

And you have most likely buried my memory deep under December’s first heavy snow fall.

At first feelings that I’ve never felt before Rushed Over Me and I felt helpless like I could only ever Need Your Love

But now, I will no longer be Calling you Home and for the First Time I have hope that I may have a happy ending without you always by my side.

It doesn’t make me Cold Hearted to close our storybook after  and begin a new trip with someone new.

We can no longer find Another Way, our journey was beautiful but alas it was only meant to be a Sojourn on a small Island now washed away by the crashing waves of the Ocean.

Now we must See the End and I am now, finally a Freesol

After all What’s Done is Done but don’t worry I will always have a place in my heart where I stored our memories.

Only Now, I’ll forever stay Where I won’t be Found

The Sun Won’t Rise on our dry and wilted Sahara Love nor gleam on us together again on that known and familiar Horizon

Remember, you will never find Another Me

And I would be Senseless to seek out another you

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I am just a normal girl writing her experiences and bits of wisdom she's come across through her journey to loving herself and positivity.

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