The Start of Establishing and Enforcing Boundaries

I’ve always been like people’s stepping stool or doormat. I’m too nice so people think “wow it’d be so easy to just take advantage of her.” Instead of appreciating my kindness they want to take it a step farther and just try to manipulate me. I’ve had so many people that I just allowed to treat me like garbage throughout my life.

But guess what I know I don’t deserve that treatment and I’m no longer going to sit there and keep taking it. No I am not going to change my kind nature. I am going to enforce my boundaries and if people do not want to respect them they can exit my life. I will no longer be manipulated or called names. I will no longer drop everything to be there for people who wouldn’t even blink at the sound of my cries for help. I am deciding to be strong and not a stepping stone. I will continue the utmost effort and love to the people who can treat me like the human being I am. Abuse me? Now you’re going to without question or second thought lose me.

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3 thoughts on “The Start of Establishing and Enforcing Boundaries

  1. Reading this reminded me of the happiness and freedom I felt when I decided it was time to set boundaries, be my own best friend and start looking out for myself. When I did this I saw who my real friends were and realized that this was an excellent way of filtering out the toxic people in my life. Glad to see that you’re taking control and putting your wellbeing first! Great post! ☺️

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