My story: why/ how I lost my virginity

Video transcript:

Me, coming to college an innocent, naive Virgin (planning to save it until marriage)
Goes to frat party sober with a new sorority sister & meets a sober older brother.
He asked for my number & we started texting & became friends.
He was looking at new PCs so he asked if I’d show him mine but he was busy so it’s be late
I went there late, the 1st time, and we were with a group which seemed to confirm the platonic vibe.
The 2nd time I went to watch AHS. I sat on the bed while he was on the couch.
AHS ended so I began to put on my shoes because he said he’d drive me home.
I was putting on my 2nd shoe when he slammed me to the floor & began forcefully … me as I cried, “ I was a Virgin over & over”
When I got him to stop, he told me it was my fault for wearing that & going there at night.
Terrified & confused I decided I was going to lose my virginity on my own terms.
I picked a boy who I thought was nice, I had a small crush on him, and my friends said he’d never want me.
We did the deed & I started hearing about people calling me names after he told everyone he did it with the blonde s***

I will not discuss this any further I don’t usually share this story but I thought it was finally time.

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