What I want In My Future Relationship

I want a best friend that we share a lot of things in common and share a love of music. I, also, want us to be able to go and do our own things as well. I don’t want to be glued together 24/7, I want each of us to have time with our friends. Of course, I will love time with my mans but I think it’s important to not sacrifice or neglect your prior friendships in order to be in a relationship. We should both be able to have fun together and apart. There should be enough trust to ensure that the other is not overbearing while the other is off doing their own thing. I think it is important to create boundaries and establish them based on a discussion with your partner on what your own needs are and insecurities are, beforehand. This should not prevent them from being their own person in addition to your partner. These insecurities shared should also never be used as weapons against the other during an argument, as a brief disclaimer.

I want someone who has clear goals as well as dreams and that they embody the self-discipline and motivation to want to work hard to meet them. I want a partner who we can side by side reach for the stars. We can cheer each other on. We can both growth in our paths of life side by side and together to become a stronger couple. They need to possess this hunger on their own. I will not act in ways to try to push them towards anything. They need to want it; they need to take the steps towards it on their own. I will be there to offer my unconditional love and support, I will be your greatest cheerleader but not your coach. You know what you want and who you are and I will not push you to do things you do not want to nor try to sculpt you into something you’re not.

Above all, I want someone who chooses me every day. I want someone who sees me as enough. Who doesn’t stray away to pursue other woman while we are together. I want a partner who wants me and only me to be their partner. In return, I will be your most loyal love and ally. 

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  1. This is a great message to all even those in a relationship or married. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you lose your individuality.

  2. Beautiful post…. for singles, who should keep in mind, while searching for a partner… ❤❤

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