Open Your Minds Pt. 1

Open your minds. 

I truly believe this is a huge issue in our world right now. The reason so many humans are being mistreated in our country based on embodying any characteristic that doesn’t match the cookie cutter “majority.” This majority has embodied and mentally engrained their “deserved” privilege to new levels. They act as though their needs and standards are the only ones. This is a terrible mind set but it is the one of many. They reject anything that is even perceived to be different from them in any way and try to minimize any possibility of people with natural talents that they were not blessed with from rising to levels they cannot. 

They have a closed mind with a “one size fits all” mentality. This is a huge issue. Think of it in terms of shoe size. Everyone has a different shoe size, yes many have the same foot size but many do not. Think of people with the same size foot as a group based on having the same ethnicity, gender, mental capacity, religion, etc. Now people are trying to only produce and focus on one shoe size. They will put all their resources and only act to benefit that shoe size. This size shoe will be widely available and any one who fits in this shoe will have rights and opportunities beyond their wildest dreams. Meanwhile these people will be at the same time advocating against and making it harder for the other shoe sizes to find a shoe that fits them. Sound like how our country is handling social issues? Did our country not advocate to make it extremely difficult if not impossible for couple of the same-sex to get married. That wasn’t the majority’s “shoe size” and it was different from it so they saw it as not necessary and if anything a nuisance to have to even browse past that aisle while buying their specific shoe sizes. 

The most ironic part of this all is the humans that have been discriminated against and mistreated, luckily will not forever be the minority. These humans will show others the compassion that was not afforded to them. These humans know that a “one size fits all approach” will never work in our world. These humans will not continue the past majority’s mindset. These humans will be the ones that carry around multiple sizes of shoes and willingly stop to give a pair to the human that had lost theirs, no questions asked nor strings attached. These humans understand every human is unique and our differences are not a weaknesses nor handicaps but rather a beautiful thing that needs to be acknowledged and accepted and properly addressed. You will never have a successful country when you don’t even have the compassion to consider half of its citizens most basic needs.

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