Introduction into my Views on Kindness

Let me ask you a quick question please. When someone looks at you for the first time, would you rather them to focus on your positive or negative characteristics? Would you want them to develop a good or bad impression of who you are as a person? No one likes when people look down upon them or have a negative perception of them. So if you would not want someone to automatically look at you and start picking out your worst traits, why would you do that when observing others? 

When I encounter a new person, I focus my mind on finding things I like about them and observing the good. It takes the same amount of energy to pick out bad characteristics as it does to pick out the good ones. So why focus on the bad? Be gentle with others and begin your relationship in a positive light. 

It, also, takes the same amount of effort and energy to be kind as it does to be cruel. Wouldn’t you rather sprinkle some good into our world? Especially in times of uncertainty, mass fear, and anger that does not have a clear, direct target. You could easily walk around with a smile instead of a frown under your mask. (It’ll help prevent nasty frown lines later in life as well) You can easily hold the door open for others coming in behind you, as just rushing in as the door closes. You can check in on your friends and family. It takes minutes out of your day to engage with your loved ones to make sure they’re holding up alright in this pandemic. Be kind, show others you care. Try to look at life through a more positive lens. 

This does not mean be blind to the negatives and downsides, or to pretend negatives do not exist. I just mean to try to show compassion to others and to extend the kindness you’d like to receive to others.

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I am just a normal girl writing her experiences and bits of wisdom she's come across through her journey to loving herself and positivity.

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