A Huge Red Flag

They tell you that they’ve cheated in multiple past relationships. Yes, honesty is a beautiful thing and it’s wonderful that they trust you and feel comfortable enough to disclose their less than savory qualities. BUT old habits don’t just POOF disappear, they die a slow, painful, dragged out death, if they die a death at all. If they have a pattern of cheating, this is a huge red flag. I’m sorry I know you feel like this time is probably different and this connection is so deep and strong that’ll it will be able to truly change their old ways and that you’ll be the one that breaks the cheating chain. I’m sorry, I’m usually very optimistic but if they have cheated habitually in the past, they will more than likely not stop now. Being cheated on is not because something is wrong with you it’s because something is wrong with them. The bond you hold may be strong and they feel that amazing connection that they have never felt before with you as well. BUT they weak and are selfish when it comes to satisfying their own desires no matter how short-term and how temporary they are. This is a huge red flag and please be weary due to it. 

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    1. True but I strongly believe that there is no justification for cheating, it troubles me they could not just end the relationship first and then pursue whoever they wish without someone waiting at home for them.

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