The Truth Hurts but It’ll Set You Free

Truth hurts. The truth is the acid that slowly disintegrates the fantasy that you’ve so long hid yourself within. The truth is not pretty. Once that fantasy is completely dissolved, reality will be revealed and it will burn. It will sting. It will cause an excruciating pain that you could have easily avoided by continuing to live in your fantasy land. The truth, however, how painful is what will set you free. It is what will reveal your strength, it will reveal your power. The truth is what will set you free. 

The truth is what will seep into your deepest wounds and fill in the cracks to allow the healing to begin. The truth is what will give you the ability to make yourself whole once more. The truth is what will heal your wounds from within instead of just covering them up with pink band-aids. These band-aids will stay flimsy and fall off as you ignore them. The truth is the permanent solution, the only solution. Choosing to continue living a lie in the fantasy will just lead to more heartbreak and an absolute stop in your journey to your true, real life happily ever after.

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