Feeling lonely from isolation?

Here’s a new perspective on the state of the world during the Corona Virus:

The Universe decided to give us all time to take a break, self-reflect, heal, and grow. The Universe knew that we were just going through the motions of life unable to stop and take the time truly needed to prosper. To those who experienced a break-up or heartbreak during this time. Do not look at it as a roadblock on the road to healing. See this as the Universe wanted you to be able to have proper time to find and unleash that strength that’s been building inside of you. You have the ability to take advantage of your time alone to be able to reintroduce you to yourself and truly learn what it means to love yourself. You have time to reach inside and recognize every wound you have still open, even the ones that you have left open and unattended to for many years. You have the time to attend to these wounds, truly look straight into them. Once you are able to dig deep within yourself, you will easily be able to conquer the rest of the world around you. Consider this pause in the world as an opportunity in this way. 

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3 thoughts on “Feeling lonely from isolation?

  1. Totally agree! Rather than spending time feeling lonely this is the best opportunity to look within ourselves the way we were never able to do with all of the things going on in our lives before. Love this!

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