Each Relationship is Unique

A relationship is created by the two people that enter it together. They are the two to handcraft and tweak the specifics and the frame of the relationship. Each relationship is unique and no two are exactly alike. You build a relationship with someone through the course of the relationship. It is fine tuned by each partner to suit their individual and combined needs. 

Imagine trying to take the relationship you made with someone else and recreate it with a new person. It isn’t possible and doomed to failure. You can’t just ignore the vital fact that all humans are unique and each has unique needs !!! 

If Prince Charming took Cinderella’s glass slipper and tried to forcefully shove it onto someone else’s foot it would either start to crack/ break or simply slowly fall off the other persons foot. This is because Cinderella’s slipper was carefully and meticulously crafted to fit her foot perfectly. This perfect fit is not going to be a perfect fit for everyone else. I know people can have the same shoe size but visualize with me. A relationship perfectly tailored to a specific two individuals is not going to carry over and stay that same perfect dynamic even if you really want it to. 

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4 thoughts on “Each Relationship is Unique

  1. Plus, we all enter each other’s lives for seasons. We can grow from the relationship regardless of how it ends. Growth is part of the learning experience. Either the couple will deepen Their bond or leave with the knowledge of what they truly want from future relationships. 😃

    1. I agree a relationship can never be a one size fits all because we as humans are each unique and when two unique humans come together what they create is tailored to their needs so it most likely would not serve the needs of another partner in the future which can lead to issues

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