We are not born racist. Racism is something that has to be learned. As a child in the sandbox, you are not going to choose who you allow to help you build your sand kingdom by evaluating their physical attributes. You are going to play with the other kids because you want to play with other kids. That kid in the sandbox has to be taught to disvalue others based on their traits, it absolutely does not come naturally. Racism is something that has been created due to the unfounded and unwarranted fears and ignorance from a group of people that needs no identification. This is a defense mechanism of their closed minds. They fear anything they do not understand. They take a certain set of beliefs as the utmost truth without ever digging deeper to see if the beliefs are actually founded. This practice has been institutionalized into our system, our government. Find it funny how all of the historic events that Black Lives Matter has enlightened us with will never be taught in the average history class. We cover up the history that makes us look bad, even though these people most likely felt justified in these disgusting actions. It is almost like they are the bullies in life who direct their self-hatred at anyone they view inferior to them. They downplay any victories that would trump their abilities. We need major change. We need major education. WE NEED MAJOR REFORM. Nothing is going to change until we change the dynamic of our American system to reflect a safe institution for people of all types. 


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  1. Mindset, alot of people have wrong mindsets and kids who listen to pretty much anything well keep their parents mindset because its all they know. If we can teach, guide, parent, about loving each other and supporting maybe the mindset would be different and the world would be a little more open

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