Forgive to heal yourself. To heal your heart that has so long yearned for the peace and tranquility that resides within you but has been hiding from the storm clouds you let take reign over your own happiness for so long. You’re forgiving because you are a wonderful spirit who deserves to finally have the heavy burden that plagued your happiness for so long lifted off your shoulders. Darling, you’ve had to bear this for far too long. 

Forgive to finally free yourself of the negative energy that you let fog your life’s journey. 

Forgive so you stop giving them the power to even slightly dim that sparking shine of yours. 

Forgive, not because what they did was okay because it was absolutely inexcusable. 

Forgive for the clarity within your soul, not because they deserve your forgiveness because in all honesty, they don’t. They never even deserved you.

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