you are the magic

You are the magic. You are that little sunlight peaking into the crack in your broken pieces. You can heal your tired and sore bones. You can be your own saving grace. Your own beautiful soul. You have the power and the ability, even if it is buried deep inside and you can’t readily see it, it’s there and will never leave you. This ability is innate and forever yours. This is a special gift that will never leave you or betray you. This strength is yours. You will have this strength, you will find it and it will empower you. It will fill your bones and all your cracks and heal your soul.  You will call upon it when you need it most it will come and everything will feel whole again. You are the only thing you need to make yourself whole. Your strength, your power it’s yours and only yours. You will heal yourself and come back so much stronger. You are your own strength, you are all you need. Believe in yourself!

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I am just a normal girl writing her experiences and bits of wisdom she's come across through her journey to loving herself and positivity.

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