Thoughts on: “the man of the house”

“The man is the head of the household.”

I am here writing about my opinion on this topic. I am not here to belittle someone else’s view or to discredit this dynamic in any way. This article is about how I feel towards this family structure and how it has impacted me. 

I do not believe in this completely stone-age and sexist concept. Just because you are the man does not mean that you should rule the household. Why does one human have to wield complete control over the household, anyways. How about the two parties share rule of the household. A queen and a king ruling together to keep their royal family in line. A relationship takes two so why doesn’t the running of a household. A man should not be in control of all aspects of the family’s day to day lives just because he was born with a penis. A woman should not have to just conform and be obedient to her husband. A woman deserves to be able to keep her own identity and values. A woman should have a say in how the family operates too. The kids should not just have to follow their father’s command. A relationship and family should be a team effort not just a dictatorship. 

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One thought on “Thoughts on: “the man of the house”

  1. A good relationship should be balanced. Controlling people are often those who are insecure and lack confidence in themselves. You can’t change people but you can sometimes, with difficulty, change what they do. So decide if you think it’s worth the effort before committing yourself and remember we can all change our minds, and we can all say ‘no’ or ‘no more’ at ANY time. love alecsams

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