Denial is healings worst enemy. You need to accept a situation, accept your wounds, accept that you have been hurt, and accept how that hurt made you feel. You cannot begin your journey of healing without accepting the fact that you have been hurt and that the damaging situation happened. You need to accept life and things for the way they are. You cannot change the past or events that have happened. You constantly worrying or telling yourself it’s not the way it truly is harming you more than helping you. It may help you in the short-term not have to feel as uncomfortable but in the long-term you are only prolonging this pain. You have to make yourself uncomfortable now and look deep into the less than favorable circumstances. You have to look deep into the situation and you have to realistically view the entire event. You must accept the circumstances in their entirety especially all the bad parts. Learn from your mistakes and the actions you took that you do not like. The actions that you look back on and feel uneasy about. You can reflect and learn. Use the negatives as a learning experience.

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