I have an extremely logical mind. Everything should make sense in my mind. It is either this or that. There is no room in my mind, and I will not process nor accept that an answer is a little bit of this and that. My brain likes concrete and verifiable answers. I am one of those math minds. There is an equation and a systematic method to solve this equation. This method will yield an absolute answer that is that answer and only that answer. There is no room for gray area or well if you try this other method, you’d actually get this answer. My brain likes one answer and only one answer this is why, and you have to accept it. 

My mind craved closure more than anything. In life, sometimes you don’t get that clear and complete closure that most crave. Even if you do receive this closure sometimes it’s still not enough for you to grasp the situation or the why it happened the way it did. Sometimes in life you have to realize you are your own best closure.

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I am just a normal girl writing her experiences and bits of wisdom she's come across through her journey to loving herself and positivity.

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