What truly Matters in love

At the end of the day,

I guess what matters isn’t “did he love me or why didn’t he love me?”

What matters is

despite the fear of a crisp, agonizing pain,

despite your knowledge of a failed and sinking love,

despite the clear memories of the aching pain in your stomach,

despite your unbearably heavy heart,

despite your familiarity with this immense pain and lingering sorrow,

you still decided to dive back into this deep ocean without fearing you’d sink

you jumped in without fear or reserve

you went in and still gave your whole heart

because you know how truly magical it is to love with your whole heart, to not let the fears from the past pull you back

You loved them with your whole heart and that’s all that matters

And one day you will find the one that loves the same.

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5 thoughts on “What truly Matters in love

  1. you didn’t write for quite a while. hope all is well. and this is indeed true. we all risk it to find something beautiful. 🙂

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