Poetry I Wrote Immediately After my Heartbreak

He placed a napkin over my chest  right over the spot that contained my heart

He then proceeded to raise his leg and stamped down as hard as possible

He crushed my heart 

And the worst part was he left the fragments scattered around the bare floor

He made sure that he did not leave even a trace of this act 

He then proceeded to walk away without looking back

I lay there I’m despair left with only a glimmer of hope that I have the ability to collect all the fragments on my own and piece my heart back together just as it once was

I fear I won’t be able to repair it perfectly 

I fear that when I put it back together the scar will be too deep and the heart will never be able to confidently beat once more 

I fear the loss of my ability to have faith in others 

to believe promises to fully immerse myself in another’s existence 

I fear I will never be able to love the way I once could

Life is no longer a fairy tale romance but rather a dark hallway of broken, troubled hearts attached to husks of their former greatness just trying to heal their souls 

He threw me away like the trash goes out on Tuesday nights

Except he was so eager to be rid of this weeks trash that he personally transported it to the dump so there would be no evidence linking him to the decrepit and rotting pile of trash he created while being able to walk away without a smudge on his way to start collecting new shiny items that will slowly suffer the same, lonely demise.

It does get better than these feelings of no hope and despair. Just two months later I am absolutely full of light and happiness. My chest no longer feels like a weight too heavy to bear has been thrown carelessly on it. I now make my own happiness, I now am my own happiness.

Do not let another dare define what or what you are not worth. Your value isn’t determined based on how other people see you. You’re extremely valuable for you are you. Be gentle with yourself while healing it’ll hurt like hell but that hurt turns into strength. That strength is yours and yours alone. You created that strength and you endured all but what you deserved. You are worth so much more and I hope you come to that realization just as I did.

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I am just a normal girl writing her experiences and bits of wisdom she's come across through her journey to loving herself and positivity.

5 thoughts on “Poetry I Wrote Immediately After my Heartbreak

    1. Thank you (: The journey was by no means easy but I’m happy to say I have completely healed from the trauma and am absolutely content with never looking back to what was or what could have been. I am healthier and happier than I have been in a long time and finally I’m able to focus my energy on my goals and needs instead of just wanting to be a supportive, loving girlfriend.

      1. well, that’s just great. and well, it is important to respect the balance between, being a good girlfriend and just being able to grow and complete the goals that you set for yourself, while at it. that is how it’s supposed to be. and you’re really wise. i really like reading you. 🙂

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