The Dangers of Potential

It is extremely dangerous to fall in love with someone’s potential. The main reason is you’re in love with an idea, not the person that you are with. That person may grow into that potential that you have focused in on so intently. The flip side and the more likely result is the person does not realize this potential that you see for them. You cannot force someone into reaching the potential you see that they are capable of. People change only if they want to you can’t force someone or even guide them through that change if them themselves do not want to change in the first place. Most people are complacent at where they are in life and do not strive to reach the same bar of success and crave achievement as much as you. Fall in love with who they are and let it be an added bonus when you two encourage each other to succeed or make positive changes. Don’t settle for someone that does not have the same drive and hunger for success as you. It will get old while you work hard and are never satisfied or able to settle while your partner is complacent and done working on their growth. 

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6 thoughts on “The Dangers of Potential

  1. this is indeed true. but sometimes love might just be what brings out that hidden potential in them which otherwise they couldn’t manifest.

    1. That is a possibility but it just depends on the person themself as well. They need to want it too. I’m just basing off my personal experience but I absolutely agree with you!

        1. Thank you for your insight! It really shines on the positive side and give me hope that my perspective was just based on a bad experience and not just because potential is not very valuable! I really appreciate it (:

          1. indeed. it’s rather beautiful, when two people in love, just helps each other grow. it’s just a really beautiful feeling. 🙂

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