Selective Remembering

You’ve tried to bury the good memories and the effort that I put into you because I truly loved and believed in you and your dreams. 

You forget that I copied your entire school schedule including class dates, assignment due dates to the exact time due, and checklists so you could know for sure that you completed it onto a calendar so you could succeed your last semester and to make your parents smile and tell you how proud they were of your hard work in school.

You forget that every time I would get food I would always come home with a meal or leftovers for you because if I eat my mans eats. 

You forget how you quit your job to preserve your self value as an employee and so your hard work would not be taken for granted, and I stayed at that same job with a boss who verbally destroyed me every shift to make sure that we still had money to eat and live and stay afloat. I ended up over worked and mentally exhausted but it was all worth it because my family was taken care of. 

You forget how I would go to class with you to make sure that you went because I knew how smart you were and how you just needed the extra push.

You forget how I spent hours with you as you made amazing music and listened and focused my attention on you and your passion because I loved your cute smile when you got excited even though I truly needed to study. 

You forget when you would open your bedroom door and get so excited to see me still there and tell me how happy you were that I was here because we both adored each other more than words could explain. 

You forget how much I loved and believed in you. Or is it just easier to pretend it was all bad so you don’t have to face the reality of how you chose to treat me?

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4 thoughts on “Selective Remembering

    1. I’ll have to go research this. I don’t believe that was the case with the experience I was referring too, but I’ll go educate myself before I assume (: Thank you

  1. Wow, this is deep. Realizing that some of us take the little things in life for granted and not appreciating every moment. Thank you for this one, much needed

    1. I definitely allowed myself yo be taken for granted as well which negatively impacted my perspective of myself and more specifically I started to see my actions and efforts as unable of making an important impact!

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