Love Wasn’t Always Kind to Her

Love wasn’t always kind to her. 

She went off to college in a new town where she was naive and not accustomed to the tricks of boys. 

She began to open herself to new friends who took her kindness as an invitation to violate her sexually and attempt to start to tear the layer of hope that she wore. 

Yet she continued to open her heart to new experiences without closing it off due to past reservations or harm. 

She grew stronger from the experience.

She then had her first love, it was one sided but was the love that she needed and proved valuable in the future. 

It did not last and the two parted but he left her with a glimpse of the treatment she deserved and the treatment that she should have demanded. 

She still kept her heart open as the next love arrived. This was the first love she called her own. They were inseparable from the beginning. Two souls that were attracted to each other like magnets and their passion for one another was one that could never be fully captured in words alone. The two were meant to fuel each other’s lives temporarily but they held on too long. She felt her love wasn’t enough and he grew to see only her faults which he focused on and threw back like daggers. She grew weak her soul tired, a final betrayal at the end of her “forever” provided the shove she so desperately needed out of the door. 

Despite the experience she still keeps her heart open. She’s stronger and won’t accept those who do not respect and love her soul. She will not punish those who feed her soul and heal her wounds. She still believes in fairy tales of true love and though she has been scarred and beat down she is not broken. She will not like this make her heart hard.

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