When someone shares intimate details with you about them, it is because they trust you. They are allowing you to see pieces of their raw, naked soul that they consider imperfect. These pieces will not be readily seen or shared with most other people that cross her path in life. They are sharing these with you because you are special to them and hold an important place in their world. 

You should never use these as weapons during a fight. These were shared with you in confidence and they saw you as a place that was safe for them to expose their most well-kept secrets with you. 

If you are the type of person who sees a fight or disagreement as a competition where your goal is to win. I am not condemning you or judging your perception, instead I am asking you to keep an open mind to a different view. A disagreement is a conflict of opinions of two parties. The goal of the two parties is to come to a solution that both parties can live with. Not to throw your partner’s trust in you right back in their face.

The true victory is solving a dispute in a loving and understanding manner to come to an effective solution that both parties will follow because they both felt they made a meaningful contribution in the process of coming to it. Work together, not against each other. They’re your partner not your opponents.

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    1. You absolutely right and without respect, honesty, and mature communication the likelihood of an effective durable solution becomes much, much lower.

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