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Welcome to my positivity and self-love blog! Hope you enjoy and hope I can help you see the world in a more positive light.


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Latest from the Blog

You Can Do It!

Dear beautiful souls,   Whatever you are struggling with in this current moment, you can do it. I believe in you. I believe in your talents, abilities, you as a whole with my entire heart and soul. You will do amazing things and accomplish all of your goals no matter how large. All you have to […]

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A Huge Red Flag

They tell you that they’ve cheated in multiple past relationships. Yes, honesty is a beautiful thing and it’s wonderful that they trust you and feel comfortable enough to disclose their less than savory qualities. BUT old habits don’t just POOF disappear, they die a slow, painful, dragged out death, if they die a death at […]

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The Truth Hurts but It’ll Set You Free

Truth hurts. The truth is the acid that slowly disintegrates the fantasy that you’ve so long hid yourself within. The truth is not pretty. Once that fantasy is completely dissolved, reality will be revealed and it will burn. It will sting. It will cause an excruciating pain that you could have easily avoided by continuing […]

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